Therapy for First Responders, Frontline Workers, and Emergency Response Organizations in Windham, ME

Our licensed experts work exclusively with emergency response organizations and individuals. So, you get the support, insights, and tools you need to effectively work through trauma, avoid stress injury, and build resilience.

You’re out helping everyone else — let us help you.

You’re committed to assisting people in need and keeping your communities safe. You keep up to date with training requirements, regulations, and keep yourself fit so you can perform your best.

But your job is demanding in ways that few people can understand.

You may experience multiple traumatic events, life and death situations, and continuous high levels of stress — regularly.
You knew this when you selected this career. But you don’t have to cope with the impact of these experiences on your own.

A first responder who may benefit from therapy fir first responders in Maine

Work through trauma and stress, avoid Emergency Responder Exhaustion Syndrome, and build resilience with therapy designed for emergency response workers.

At Guiding Light Behavioral Health, we solely focus on providing Behavioral Health Assistance Programs for emergency response organizations and individuals. We collaborate with all department staff we serve to create comprehensive Behavioral Health Assistance Programs informed by national best practice standards.

Our focus is on you — so you feel seen, heard, and understood.

We provide culturally competent and comprehensive therapeutic services in a safe, judgment-free space that protects your confidentiality. So you can openly share your thoughts, feelings, experiences, and concerns.

Because these feelings and experiences are not things that “just come with the job.”

Our experts can handle what you need to talk about.

You don’t need to hold back or worry about sharing your experiences, thoughts, feelings, and concerns. We practice what we preach and get our head cobwebs swept out, too. 

We are licensed therapists who specialize in behavioral health services specifically for first responders, emergency workers, their families, and organizations, including:

Additionally, our founder and owner, Sarah Mildrum, LCSW, is one of the only Emergency Responder and Public Safety Certified Clinicians in the state of Maine.

But we don’t just understand based on our years of experience as mental health therapists. Our team also knows what it’s like to work in a high-stress field or be married to a first responder, providing us with further understanding and insights regarding how your job impacts you, your family, and your friends.


Our services address common behavioral health challenges experienced by first responders, such as:

Our Behavioral Health Assistance Programs for Emergency Response Organizations and Concierge Memberships for Individuals in Windham, ME, and the state of Maine include:


Trauma Therapy for First Responders


Individual and Couples Intensives


Acute Stress Adaptive Protocol (ASAP)


Wellness Checks


Post Critical Incident Consultation (PCIC)


Peer Support Team Development and Clinical Integration


Behavioral Health Assistance Programs for Organizations and Concierge Memberships for Individuals


Outdoor Recreational Programs


Live-In Fire Student Support Services


In Service or After Hours Workshops

You don’t have to cope alone. Our experts are here to support you.

Asking for help isn’t always easy, but therapy can help. Our licensed experts provide specialized services to meet your needs. Together, we will get to the root of your challenges and provide you with support and tools to build resilience and avoid Emergency Responder Exhaustion Syndrome.

If your behavioral health is being impacted by the things you hear, do, and see as part of your job, don’t wait — contact us so you can start to heal and feel more like you. 

We provide therapeutic services in person and virtually in the state of Maine. If you don’t live in Maine, you may still be eligible for services if you travel here.